Summer Programme

Are you looking for an incredible adventure?

Do you feel you have a lot to offer and want to start or grow your business?

Want to connect with people on the same journey?


The curriculum is immersive, intensive and hands-on. We give you flexibility to chart your own path. Our main goal is to give you the tools, knowledge and frameworks to develop and grow your business. The best way to do this is by immersing yourself for two weeks to work on your business. 

Week 1 

During the first week, we will start with you and explore what it takes to develop a global entrepreneurial mind-set. We will then explore innovative business models and understand who your customers really are and how to create value. You’ll learn which frameworks you’ll have to develop when you build a new business. 

We all know that great leaders are made, not born. You will then discover how to unlock the game-changing potential within yourself and others. Once this is in place we will give you the tools to create high performing teams so that your businesses can thrive from the start. 

Week 1 main learning outcomes:

  • Develop a global entrepreneurial mind-set
  • Create an innovative business model that creates and delivers value 
  • Become a stand-out leader by mastering five key pillars – defining your purpose, leveraging your strengths, influencing people, empowering others and enabling change.
  • Understand how to build high performing teams 

Week 2 

In a competitive and unpredictable world, discover how to become a master strategist who creates and captures value. Week two we will look at creating competitive advantage by strategically aligning business functions and work with the best experts in their field.  

Week 2 main learning outcomes:

  • Define your own strategy and explore how to communicate it to those who implement it
  • Understand how to implement a growth strategy to align all business functions 
  • Formulate an entrepreneurial marketing strategy and develop own branding strategy 
  • Understand how entrepreneurs raise and manage finance