How it Works

  1. Register or enquire about the programme by email to  – February to May 2018
  2. We match start-ups and students – June 2018
  3. We run our famous collaboration lab – 15th June 2018
  4. Each project must have specific targets or desirable outcomes achievable in 3 months – Kick Off projects 2nd July 2018
  5. Start-ups and students are matched according to their interests and skills
  6. Students are classified as volunteer project leaders
  7. Empowering Futures monitors the progress of every project to ensure that both parties are getting the most out of their collaboration
  8. Students invest up to 14 hours per week (around two days per week) collaborating with the start-up
  9. Students and start-ups attend to three clinics organised by Empowering Futures to keep them motivated, focused and make their collaboration successful


Who is eligible?

All start-ups are eligible as long as they can delegate a specific marketing project to a student.

Students from all universities are welcome to join the programme, you need to have a genuine interest in marketing and take our training programme before we match you with a start-up.

How long projects last?

Projects take around 120hrs spread in 3 months (12 weeks), university students dedicate between 10 to 14 hours a week collaborating on the project at the start-up’s office or remotely.

What kind of projects students get involved?

We specialise in marketing projects, students lead projects related to social media management, market research, content management, digital marketing, analytics and support organising events.

How much does it cost?

Start-ups pay a one-off fee of £500GBP and that money helps cover admin fees and the training provided to the students.

Students do not pay anything to be part of the programme and the training and support they get is valued at £1,500GBP.