Who we are

Empowering Futures is a social business built on robust experience in higher education, organisational culture and entrepreneurship.Our mission is to promote diversity in the workplace and support social mobility via our CONNECT EVENTS.

What we do

Our mission is to promote excellent collaboration practices, diversity and inclusion through our CONNECT EVENTS.

Growing startups look for motivated and talented young professionals to face the challenges of growing a business in a very competitive environment.

University students need to expand their professional network and acquire work experience to be successful in their chosen careers.

We believe that success is always the result of great teamwork, the result of amazing people from diverse backgrounds coming together and working towards the same goal. We also believe that great organisations don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them!

At our CONNECT EVENTS start-ups and students connect through fun activities and challenges, they get to know each other in a fun environment and connect to collaborate together through internships or work-experience during the summer.

Why we do it

The lack of social mobility has economic, societal and political consequences.According to the OECD (2018) in Britain it takes five generations for those born in low income families to approach the mean income in their society.

Lack of social mobility implies that many talents are missed out, which undermines potential economic growth and it also reduces life satisfaction, well-being and social cohesion. Britain is facing challenging times and promoting social mobility, diversity and inclusion is a need and not a trend.

“I was born in a small city in the gulf of Mexico, where there is no industry and most people work for the government or small family businesses. When I was at university I met an amazing Canadian entrepreneur and secured my first work-experience opportunity;  this opportunity changed my aspirations and my vision of the world. I have now worked and lived different countries and worked with people from over all over the world. I am fascinated by the things we can create when people from different backgrounds come together and collaborate towards the same goals.” Laura Vanessa Munoz, Founder at Empowering Futures

How it works

  1. Go to our EVENTS page and click on the event and location that is best for you
  2. Be on time and bring your business cards
  3. We will have a guest speaker at each one of our CONNECT events
  4. We will have two different games/challenges during the event, these activities are designed to enable connections among participants
  5. Each participant will have at least 5 leads per event
  6. We will encourage to follow up with them to agree to collaborate during the summer in the form of an internship or work-experience

Key facts

70% Start-ups say the students from the Empowering Futures programme were more motivated and focused compare to the ones in other schemes.

80% Students at the Empowering Futures programme say they acquired new skills and expanded their professional network.


  1. Managers are the Number 1 way that people feel supported by their organization. (Forbes)
  2. 90% of employees believe that decision-makers should seek other opinions before making a final decision. (Salesforce)
  3. 88% agree that a culture of knowledge-sharing correlates to high employee morale and job satisfaction. (Oscar Berg)
  4. 80% of start-ups at the Empowering Futures programme believe collaboration accelerates decision making. (Empowering Futures)
  5. 75% of employers rate team work and collaboration as “very important.” (Queens University)
  6. Improving the internal collaboration through social tools could help raise the productivity of interaction by as much as 20 to 25 percent. (McKinsey)