Startup Survival Podcast

We are so happy to start 2021 by sharing this Startup Survival Podcast series, the podcast is written and published by serial entrepreneur Peter Harrington, and combines interviews, recommended reads and theory tips, this entrepreneurship podcast is designed to help and inspire startups, educators, coaches and students (with ideas about any kind of venture).

Use and share this free startup podcast to work through any crisis and ultimately discover how to create new and better opportunities.

In the world that we are facing with the current pandemic, all entrepreneurs, experienced or not will be tested to the maximum and what will make the difference in their success is the mindset, resilience and strategic thinking of each individual.

The podcast focuses on attitude and thinking beyond and behind the immediate, check below the topics per episode.

  • Episode 1 (Mindset): Market Research, Customer Discovery, Orientation and Planning
  • Episode 2 (Resilience): Entrepreneurial Behaviour, Mindfulness and Personal Planning
  • Episode 3 (Trust): Customer Understanding, Buyer Behaviour and Sales Preparation
  • Episode 4 (Communications): Internal Communications, Marketing and Promotions
  • Episode 5 (Sales): Selling Skills, Relationships and Human Behaviour
  • Episode 6 (Leadership) is a C19 Operational Leadership Case Study
  • Episode 7 (Teamwork): Operational Team Dynamics and Change Management
  • Episode 8 (Money): Mindset, Money Relationships, Startup Models, Negotiation & Pitching
  • Episode 9 (International): Value of Failure, Startup Education, Collaboration & Female Founders
  • Episode 10 (Success): Philosophical Mindset and Practical Actions/Advice for Startup Success.

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Since the Startup Survival podcast is an ongoing, open project, your feedback, questions and thoughts are needed. Please leave your comments below. You can also reach Peter Harrington through twitter, search for ‘PeteSimVenture’ or via the Linkedin Site –

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