The Impact of Coaching on Skills Development

We have been running the Empowering Futures programme for two years and in every cohort, we noticed that the students and start-ups that reach out to our coaches and attend the monthly clinics get better results.

Why? Because coaching has the intention to genuinely involve the other person (coachee) in finding solutions through a process of effective questioning and listening with an open mind.

The coaching and clinics are designed to raise awareness within the students and start-ups as to their goals, the current situation and options to achieve their targets whilst also asking them to take personal responsibility and action steps for themselves.

We see that the students in our programme move from being not confident to perform to being more independent and self-sufficient. We are encouraging start-up/student relationships where greater student independence and effective learning is also promoted.

We encourage start-ups to give effective feedback which needs to be specific and timely and ensuring adequate follow up on tasks.

As we aim to always improve the delivery of our programme, we are honour to partner with Know You More, a platform that supports the development of young adults through professional virtual coaching. Together we hope to make a bigger impact and support more students to achieve their potential!

We interviewed Tim Mart, Founder of Know You More about the impact of coaching based on his experience.

Empowering Futures: What is the biggest difference that coaching will have in young’s people career development?

Tim Mart: In our experience, young adults making the jump from education to employment, have limited access to developing powerful skills that allow them to take command of their future. Thinking independently, self-awareness and value are all powerful tools when it comes to gaining clarity on the big question ‘What’s Next’?. As much as helping young adults get clarity on where they want to take their future, these are also skills (also known as soft skills) that prospective employers are looking for. In developing these skills and understanding more about ourselves young adults are also filled with a greater degree of confidence and optimism. Taking control of their future and the impact they want to make.

Empowering Futures: What’s the benefit for potential employers when hiring someone that has been through a coaching programme?

Tim Mart: For employers there are many benefits when recruiting someone who has invested in their personal and professional development. Employers are evaluating technical and soft skills when recruiting their early talent. It is here where they are able establish a candidate’s readiness for the world of work. Someone who has engaged in a coaching relationship will be more effective in those key areas such as interpersonal skills, critical analysis and decision making. They will also have illustrated a commitment to direst their ongoing development and hold greater awareness of their areas for development. For an employer this means new employees are better equipped to hit the ground running.

Empowering Futures: Why partner with us?

Tim Mart: From the first time I spoke with Laura (Empowering Futures’ Founder) there was a genuine connection. We see the world through similar eyes and have both focused our attention to empowering young adults. We share the same belief when it comes to the skills development. Skills that can create a platform now and be long lasting throughout someone’s future. Under pinning our relationship is the value we see in collaboration and making a difference together. Both of our models rely on powerful relationships and we believe that our partnership with Laura and Empowering Futures will allow us both to make bigger impact.

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