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We spoke with Giorgia Sterza, co-founder at London Startup Marketing and Urban Retreat Collective. Giorgia has been in London since 2014 and she has already become an influencer and she talked to us about her purpose, her drive and her career.

Empowering futures: How did you start London Startup Marketing?

Giorgia: I am originally from Italy and I came to London in 2014 and got involved in the startup world focusing on marketing activities.

In 2015 I met Tom and we decided to set up London Startup Marketing because we have encountered startup marketing problems but had no one to discuss them with in London. Now we have a community of over 3500 members and we host monthly events and the community.

Empowering Futures: We know you have a new venture, what is it about?

Giorgia: I noticed that everyone in London leads very hectic lives and I co-founded Urban Retreat Collective. The idea is to create a piece of heaven where you live; to reconnect, align and share amazing energy and make new friends and tribes in the process. Everyone is welcome to join but yoga enthusiasts will love it.

Empowering Futures: What are the skills that you have to be able to manage your time so well? We know you have a full-time job and you are running two successful communities now.

Giorgia: Mainly is to build a good network and to always plan ahead; that will save you a lot of time and you can always tap into your network for support.

Empowering Futures: You are a very collaborative person; do you think that has always been part of your personality or did you learn to collaborate?

Giorgia: I am a people person and I love spending time with people and learning about new cultures, so that definitely helps me. So, I think I had it but it is all about connections and helping other people as well, so you can always learn to collaborate.

Empowering Futures: What marketing advice would you give to start-ups?

Giorgia: First of all, understand your audience, why people love what you do, take your time and really listen to your clients and find out what need or problem you are solving.

Empowering Futures: Marketing is always evolving, what do you do everyday to develop your skills?

Giorgia: I read and listen to different podcasts all the time, I am happy to share my list here:

  1. Traction(book)
  2. Zero to One(book)
  3. Influence(book)
  4. Masters of Scale(podcast)
  5. The Pitch(podcast)
  6. How I built this(podcast)

Empowering Futures: What would you recommend to a university student that wants a career in marketing?

Giorgia: For me it is all about your passion and if you love working for people, marketing might be for you. Learn from others, get work experience, read relevant content.

Also, you need to like business, because at the end of the day you need to sell a business/product and you need to understand how it works to sell it.

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