We need responsible leadership

We need responsible leadership

“You can do good while building great businesses” Daniel Shakhani

Daniel Shakhani, Co-Founder of Salary Finance, was a keynote speaker at the Entrepreneurial Spark Awards and he delivered a motivating talk to young entrepreneurs at the Edinburgh event in 2017.

He mentioned the importance of being responsible leader because now more than ever, people seek working environments where they belong, and they can meet their purpose. We need an inclusive leadership style to innovate, collaborate and scale-up organisations.

As more people are looking for jobs with purpose, responsible leadership plays the role of creative great working environments and these are highly correlated with time-management, productivity, communication between leaders and staff and leadership skills from followers as well as management.

People do not leave companies they leave bad managers!

What does it take to create a great business?

Listen to Daniel Shakhani speak to the entrepreneurs at the Entrepreneurial Spark Awards, click HERE 

Daniel Shakhani

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