The benefits of coaching for entrepreneurs

Surviving as an entrepreneur is not only about the skills and knowledge you have about your business; it is mostly about your mindset and how you adapt to the ever-changing business environment, how you deal with setbacks, how you keep inspired and inspire others.

“A strong business foundation starts with the mindset of the entrepreneur” – Tamara Medina Sapovalova – Entrepreneurs Leadership Development Coach

 “Coaching is about enabling individuals to make conscious decisions and empowering them to become leaders in their own lives” Karen Wise – Life Coach

At Empowering Futures, we believe in the power of coaching for students and entrepreneurs and at our monthly clinics we discuss a series of different topics with a coaching based approach, some of the topics we discuss are:

Delegating effectively – Finding ways to do it more quickly and efficiently and understanding that is a process worth investing your time as initially can feel like it would be easier to do it yourself. You need to think about the bigger picture, the long-term results of investing the time to train and delegate tasks to others.

Time management –  It is not about working hard but working smart (knowing when you are at your best, being aware and using your strengths, network, contacts, delegating, establishing boundaries with others) so we can plan and exercise conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities – specially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.

Leadership style and organisational culture – Your values are the cornerstone of your business culture and it’s important to base your business culture in your values as a founder and leader. A great question that all entrepreneurs should ask themselves is: What kind of culture am I building in my company? and how am I empowering my team?

Coaching only works if the entrepreneur is committed to the coaching process, some of the benefits of coaching for entrepreneurs are:

#1: Accelerate Personal Growth.

#2: Get some “Headspace” – Unbiased Sounding Board.

#3: Develop your own leadership style. 

#4: Start building the skills needed to grow and expand your business.

#5: Increase confidence in yourself and your abilities as entrepreneur and leader.

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Coaching assists entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between where they are now, to where they would like to be far more effectively than if they worked alone.

Meet two of our amazing coaches at the Empowering Futures programme:

Tamara Medina Sapovalova

Tamara specialises in supporting start-up founders develop their leadership mindset to lead high performing teams and build a strong company culture. For over fifteen years she has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, corporate businesses and Tech start-ups in Mexico, the United States, and England, where she worked for the BBC. 

She is the founder of Sapovalova Coaching, member of Tech London Advocates (TLA) and co-leader of TLA Latam.

She is also author of the book 10 days, 10 actions, 10 times more productive published in English and Spanish and she runs a successful coaching series for entrepreneurs called Spice Up your Brand and Entrepreneurial Leadership Journey

She writes for international publications and she has also been a judge for several tech start-up panels. She is currently a mentor at MassChallenge, StartUp Chile, StartUp Mexico (SUM) and London Major’s International Business Programme and she is the official coach for LatAm EDGE awards 2017.

Lorraine Turner Adebowale

Lorraine is an international creative arts coach, trainer and speaker who helps entrepreneurs, talented students and changemakers make a more meaningful impact. She’s taught directed and performed at top companies all over the world including Disney, Stagecoach, The Brit School, Bigfoot, Siemens and the British Council and gets transformational results with professionals in the arts, education, creative, health and not-for-profit sectors. Her sessions are fun, interactive and extremely powerful. Visit her website:

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