Academy of Enterprise 2017

We were absolutely delighted to partnered with the amazing charity IntoUniversity to deliver the first edition of the Academy of Enterprise #AofE

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We also had the support of Birkbeck University College, Cambridge Judge Business School, WeWork, and Nomura, without them this event would have not been possible.

The Academy of Enterprise gave university students a hands-on experience of what it would be like to run their own enterprise. They also meet many inspirational individuals, seasoned entrepreneurs, business people, founders and influencers, some of them were:

Nick Wheeler founded Charles Tyrwhitt in 1986. The company sells shirts online, by mail and through 22 stores in the UK, USA and Germany.

James Lambert is a founder Trustee and Chairman of IntoUniversity. James is a founder investor and Deputy Chairman of Value Retail PLC which developed and operates Bicester Village and ten sister villages in Europe and China.


John Pfeffer is an entrepreneur and investor based in Europe. He is co-founder and Chairman of Spanish discount retailer, PrimaPrix and Invent Communities, a developer of hip, urban neighbourhoods.

Milena Bottero is Founder of Room for Tea, a home-sharing network that connects interns looking for short-term, affordable housing in London with hosts who have spare rooms in their homes.

Eliot Brooks is the co-founder of Thriva, a business that aims to improve population wellness through helping consumers understand how their lifestyle impacts their health.

From the first day, the students got together in teams to create a brand and product. We supported the students with a series of masterclasses on entrepreneurship, market research, branding and pricing.



Students only had three days to come out with a product and on the fourth day, they had to sell their new product at pre-selected locations. The students knew from day one that they needed to generate profits and step outside of their comfort zone if they wanted to be successful.

The winning teams demonstrated their ability to work towards common goals and how to play on each other strengths to meet their goals. Staff and supporters were happily surprised to see the positive attitude that the students showcased and how they had a growth mindset that allowed them to enjoy the experience.



IntoUniversity and Empowering Futures share common values such as promoting teamwork and collaboration, the students embraced these values and the results were amazing.

We are really looking forward the second edition of the Academy of Enterprise to encourage more university students to think of entrepreneurship as a career and a positive choice.

“A great business is a company where the staff, the customers and the suppliers love the business” Nick Wheeler, Founder of Charles Tyrwhitt

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