The Game is on #Unlockyournetwork

Award-winning law firm LHS has partnered with leading UK business figures to launch an initiative encouraging SMEs to better identify and manage legal and business issues.

The fun and educational campaign dubbed “The Game” launches on 28 November and will be played by two teams comprising award-winning entrepreneurs and industry influencers.

It is geared towards the release of public subscriptions to elXtr – an innovative digital DIY legal portal from LHS that offers SMEs instant access to more than 1,000 legal tools, guides and templates that could save them thousands in legal costs.

“The Game” will see the players battling it out to win an interactive game of draughts. Each move is completed by correctly answering a business question, designed to expose flaws in SME legal knowledge. It will play out on elXtr, Facebook and Twitter.

Representing businesses across the UK, high profile players of “The Game” include: Leah Hutcheon, CEO and founder of Appointedd; Dawn Whiteley MBE, chief executive of National Enterprise Network; Jonathan Elliott, CEO of Make it Cheaper; Laura Vanessa Munoz founder of Empowering Futures; Dragon’s Den survivor, turned successful global entrepreneur, Alison Grieve of Safe Tray Products and Ash Phillips, founder, Young Entrepreneurs Network Association.

Merlie Calvert, head of business for elXtr and LHS’ director of sales and business development, said: “With LHS launching public subscriptions to our innovative legal and business services proposition, elXtr, we wanted to get those in the SME marketplace thinking about the way legal services are consumed.

“Just like elXtr, ‘The Game’ gives any business, large or small – and any business leader, whether seasoned or start-up – a means to discover, for free, the answers to questions that they grapple with every day. It further encourages SMEs to really unlock their networks and discover the wealth of expert support, information and opportunities that those around you can, and usually generously do, offer, if you’re not afraid to reach out and ask.”

In the run up to the start of play, from 21st November, teaser videos giving an intriguing flavour of what’s to come in The Game will play out over Twitter and Facebook. Daily updates will also feature on elXtr itself.

Richard Candy, managing director of LHS Solicitors said: “Here at LHS we recognise that digital disruptors are reshaping numerous industries, so elXtr aims to provide SMEs and business owners with valuable information at their fingertips that could save them huge sums of money.

“The Game is a creative way for us to showcase what we do every day and to celebrate our collaborative approach to putting the customer at the heart of what we do. We would like to thank our distinguished panel of business experts for taking part and we’re encouraging businesses across the UK to take part; and if they don’t do it already, to count elXtr as part of their empowering network going forward.”

Comprehensive subscriptions providing access to everything on the elXtr platform are available at a cost of just £45 per year.

Speaking of elXtr, Game player Alison Grieve, CEO of Safetray Products said: “elXtr is transforming the way small businesses can access information and advice vital to their success. Finding the right advice can be daunting but elXtr makes that process simple and easy to understand. Most importantly, the fantastic, innovative team understand the needs of a wide range of businesses.”

Playing against Alison and also speaking of elXtr, Ash Philips, founder of Young Entrepreneurs Network Association (YENA) said: “The ease of accessing otherwise costly or difficult-to-find information and documents to help startups & SMEs to affordably ensure their business stays on the right side of the law is incredible. Whereas before, having to pay large fees for otherwise simple advice was a far too old-hat way of doing business. elXtr represents the way legal services should be delivered and it is leading by example.”

To take part in The Game and to find out which team wins and how, follow @elxtr on twitter or like elXtr on Facebook @elxtrentrepreneur.

To subscribe to elXtr, please visit  To find out more about LHS Solicitors please visit


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