Blubel: from A to B on the safest possible route

Smart Collaboration

As most of you know, we are strong promoters of collaboration and we are so proud to present Blubel to you, a smart cycling bell that tries to direct cyclists on the safest possible route through London.

Through a mobile app, Blubel (the device) directs riders with crowdsourced information gathered from other users, who have recorded busy and dangerous roads by ringing their bell.

Ringing the bell is a simple, natural and yet powerful action for cyclists as it makes them visible to pedestrians, other cyclists and cars.

This is what we call smart collaboration, from the simple action that every cyclists performs, Blubel crowdsources data to help the community of cyclist go from A to B on the safest possible route.

Sasha Afanasieva, Founder of Blubel said: “I broke quite a few smartphones trying to check my map whilst cycling, so I just realised there must be something better! The idea is to use the device to crowdsource really useful cycling data.”

Sasha was part of the Empowering Futures pilot programme and she was matched with Floris Dorgelo, driven and talented recent graduate who wanted to acquire more experience in Marketing. They collaborated on marketing related activities, particularly Floris helped build the new Blubel community and now they are working on different projects after collaborating together for over 10 weeks as part of Empowering Futures.

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Blubel Team

Sasha Afanasieva, Floris Dorgelo and Yarno Hauwert


The next big step for Blubel is to crowdfund £30,000, they have worked with some fantastic designers to reimagine the bicycle bell: from the aesthetics to the ergonomic details.

This is our change to contribute and collaborate to the community of cyclists in the capital, click HERE to check out Blubel crowdfunding campaign and you might want to pre-order four new limited edition shades – as well as their classic charcoal – through their kickstarter campaign. You could also choose between two different metals for the bell casing – silver or gold.



Happy cycling everybody!



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