5 Benefits of getting work experience

It is a well-known fact that people learn more when they put into practise what the knowledge they acquire by going to university or reading.

At Empowering Futures we believe that work experience can really transform the lives of university and college students if it is based on a well-rounded project with targets and clear objectives.

According to the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, getting a work experience while studying full-time can help develop the skills employers expect students to have as graduates.

5 Benefits of getting work experience

  1. Having experience of work will make you a more interesting prospect to employers – and it will increase your confidence in yourself.
  2. It gives practice at making applications and going for interviews.
  3. It can help with future decision making about careers because it helps you understand your work likes and dislikes better.
  4. It allows you to network with organisations which could prove very useful when job seeking after graduation.
  5. Many national employers now recruit directly from their summer work programmes and some even offer sponsorship to students for their final year.

Moreover, work experience can really help you understand what practical skills you need to develop. I was at a networking event last week and Colin Tan from RentLord said to all the students at the event “it is very important to get work experience, learn from others ahead of you, make mistakes and learn from them, this is the time to do it”

For more information about the skills employers seek in recent graduates, check out University of Strathclyde in Glasgow Skills Employers Want. One message from employers to graduates is clearly and consistently stated – a degree is not enough.

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