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Required skills

Are you a full time university student? Do you want to career in Marketing? If your answer is YES, this is the programme for you!
We welcome university students from all degrees and backgrounds. This is a unique project based skills development programme, we will match you with an amazing start-up to collaborate on a marketing project during the summer. Before we place you with a start-up, you need to take part of our online training programme provided by our partner Accenture, then you need to commit up to 14 hours per week (two days) for 12 weeks starting in July and we will support you to make the best of this opportunity and develop the skills employers seek in recent graduates.

Role description

We connect driven and talented University students with start-ups to collaborate on specific marketing projects. This is a unique project based skills development programme that will enhance your market value. The kind of projects you could get involved include: social media management, analytics, digital marketing, content creation, market research and support with events.


The Matching Process

  1. You need to take our digital skills training provided by our partner Accenture.
  2. We will meet with you to find out what kind of company you would like to work for and what industry interests you.
  3. We will organise a match meeting with the start-up that fits your skills and personality better – June 2018
  4. You need to attend our Collaboration Lab on 15th June 2018, a super dynamic event where you will learn and exchange best practices to be successful delivering the project
  5. We’ll kick off your work experience the week commencing 2nd July 2018
  6. Empowering Futures will monitor the project and support both parties to make sure the project is successful
  7. We also run monthly clinics on topics related to project management, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, etc.


  • The opportunity to lead a project (part-time) collaborating with an exciting start-up.
  • Support to develop the skills you need to secure a job when you graduate.
  • Monthly clinics with your cohort leader to keep track of your development.
  • Flexible opportunity to enhance your CV,  your market value and the opportunity to expand your network.

All full-time university students are welcome in our programme but we encourage those from minority backgrounds to apply!



Email your CV and include links to your social media accounts.

Limited places available!