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We welcome entrepreneurs from all industries running and growing their businesses. Empowering Futures is ideal for those Entrepreneurs planning to expand the team in the short term and willing to learn to manage their teams effectively.

We are the most cost effective opportunity for you to get support and develop valuable skills at the same time!

Role description

Get the support you need on a specific project, we match you with a driven university student willing to collaborate on a specific project for 10 to 14 hours a week for 12 weeks

As an entrepreneur and start-up owner, you need to dedicate at least two hours a week to follow up with your project leader (student) face to face and/or virtually.

At Empowering Futures we run a Collaboration Lab and clinics for entrepreneurs, to help you develop the skills you need to delegate effectively, follow up projects, give feedback and manage your team.


The Matching Process

  1. We have three cohorts per year Spring, Summer and Autumn
  2. Every cohort has a focus area, the Summer Cohort 2017 is focused on Marketing
  3. We connect entrepreneurs looking for marketing related support with students looking to gain work experience in marketing
  4. We will match you with a student and you will be able to meet him/her before kicking off the project at a semi formal meeting
  5. You will meet the rest of the students and entrepreneurs in the cohort at our Collaboration Lab, a super dynamic event to learn and exchange best practices
  6. Empowering Futures will monitor the project and support both parties to make sure the project is successful
  7. We also run monthly clinics on topics related to team building, delegating effectively, organisational culture, management styles, etc.


  • A driven project leader (university student) collaborating with you for 3 months for around 120hrs.
  • The delivery of a targeted marketing project.
  • Support from the Empowering Futures team to monitor the progress of the project.
  • Monthly clinics and material to keep on developing their skills to delegate effectively, build teams and give effective feedback.


  • Cost £500GBP
  • We match, train and support students to deliver a successful project
  • Projects should take around 120 hours divided between 6 and 12 weeks
  • Entrepreneurs usually cover travel expenses of students when they meet


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