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Who we are

Empowering Futures, we connect bright entrepreneurs with talented university students to collaborate on specific projects. We run an effective project bases skills development programme, join our cohorts now!

What we do

We want to ensure that we match the brightest Entrepreneurs with the most driven University. Students to work on specific projects.

The needs of Entrepreneurs are paramount to match them with the best student talent available, and our aim is always to ensure that the recruitment and matching process runs as smoothly as possible for both parties.

We are a social enterprise and both parties get the best value for money in the market. We want to ensure everyone gets the support and training that they need to make the project successful, we guide both parties and provide them with the tools to get the best results of each project.

Why we do it

Laura Vanessa Munoz spent over 10 year working with Higher Education Institutions, Start Ups, Charities and Corporates. She identified a gap in the professional development of university students and entrepreneurs while reflecting on her own career path.

Laura realised that the reason why she had amazing work and business opportunities early in her career was because she had the chance to work closely with a brilliant and inspiring Canadian entrepreneur and she was given real responsibilities since the beginning and she developed her confidence and skills faster.

Laura had a PR agency and she learned that to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner besides having an effective business model she needed to grow and manage a team; based on those experiences the idea of Empowering Futures a project based skills development programme was born.

Laura is passionate about connecting people, develop their skills and spread good ideas along the way!

How it works

Empowering Futures is all about connecting entrepreneurs and University students to collaborate on specific projects, the entrepreneur will get an extra helping hand and will learn to delegate and manage talent while the student becomes a project leader undertakes real responsibilities and both empower their futures at the end of the project.

We have an expert matching service based on the needs of Entrepreneurs and skills that young University Students have to offer.The matching process takes from 2 to 4 weeks depending on needs and skills available. We aim to provide the best service and support to both Entrepreneurs and University students. We will monitor each match, solve any issues and provide extra coaching if necessary to make every project successful. We are also developing an online training programme for both parties, so they can take the most out of each project.

Key facts

63% of Entrepreneurs are busier in comparison to when they were employed

81% of Entrepreneurs are happier building their businesses

  • Entrepreneurs need to learn to delegate and manage people to become business owners
  • On average it takes six months after graduating from University to find a job
  • University students with no prior work experience typically need to take up unpaid internships before securing a paid job
  • University students need to apply what they learn in the classroom in the real world