• Connect

    We are experts at connecting bright entrepreneurs with talented university students!
  • Collaborate

    Entrepreneurs and university students empower their futures by collaborating on specific projects, gaining life skills and the support they need to be successful.
  • Empower

    Empowering Futures has devoted its energy to advocate for social mobility and the right of every entrepreneur and university student to gain the skills to succeed in their chosen careers.


  • So lovely collaborating with Empowering Futures, very inspiring, they helped me believe more in myself and what I can achieve!

  • Being part of Empowering Futures’ pilot programme was a fantastic experience not only because it is based on a concept I strongly believe in, working collaboratively, sharing knowledge, experiences and helping others. Having the additional support made a huge difference in how quickly things developed in my business.

  • Empowering Futures have connected me with genuinely good people, they are open minded and they matched the values and personality of the organisation


It’s fast and easy, go to our ‘contact’ page and send us a message. If you are an entrepreneur, send a link to your website or LinkedIn profile and if you are a University student, please tell us what you are studying and in which university.


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